Cuisine Cruise

We are very proud to announce that throughout 2019 on the last Friday of every month we are bringing you a different cuisine from countries all around the world.

Be sure to grab your St Crispin passport , if you get 8 stamps you will eat for free at the captains table on your 9th meal .

Arrive wearing the correct countries attire and receive a free welcome drink.

We first set sail from Aberdeen on Friday 25th of January and drop the anchor for the last time in Tokyo on the 27th December 2019.


Scotland – Friday 25th January (Burns night)

France – Friday 22nd February

Spain – Friday 29th March

USA – Friday 26th April

Mexico – Friday 31st May

Morocco – Friday 28th June

India – Friday 26th July

Thailand – Friday 30th August

Australia – Friday 27th September

China – Friday 25th October

Russia – Friday 29th November

Japan – Friday 27th December

From all of us at the St Crispin @ worth we hope you enjoy your trip